To my fellow teachers


It's been nearly two years since I have written anything of substance on this blog.  The pandemic hit me hard.  There were many days where I simply could think of nothing to say.  It was both a blessing to get more time with my family and a disheartening two years.  It was, as for so many of you, life changing.  There is nothing like having life as we know it stop to make us think about how we want to spend our time.

In that vein I have made the bittersweet choice to leave the classroom.  I will miss the students, but it is the right choice.  I so admire all of the teachers who have stayed through all these ups and downs or have recently joined up in the ranks of teachers taking on the very important job of educating future generations.  It is the most important job on the planet (in my opinion).

So now what...I will continue to update curriculum.  Some of you may have noticed the new look of the most popular products as well as the many additions to the AP Statistics curriculum, history curriculum (such as the new stations and guided notes) and other resources.  (Be sure to download the latest before you use each year.  You never know what is in there).  I am also working on a book project (details to come).  Injury has sidelined my running, but I have returned to my first  I dance daily and love the energy I get from being in the studio again.  In short, I am living my best life.  

I look forward to sharing more as well as keeping you posted on updates.  I hope you will continue to find the blog a source of ideas and tips.  There is a wealth of knowledge already here.

I wish all of you a wonderful year ahead.  I will be thinking of you as schools open all over the world this Fall.