Math Mondays: Mini-Project for graphing radicals

 Here’s a fun little project for graphing radicals that can be done by hand or on a graphing calculator such as Desmos.  Students use square and cube roots to create a piece of art.  

The project requires:
- an understanding of the shape of the graphs of square roots and cube roots 
- how to transform these functions 
- range of functions 
-and a little creativity from the students.  

Students enjoy the openness of this activity.  Typically we spend just a day or two on it. But the results are beautiful AND students have a more solid understanding of graphing radicals than they do with a problem set. 

This is one of several posts on teaching Algebra 2.  Topics in the series include:
Algebra 2 Day 2 
Linear Equations and Functions
Systems of Equations
Quadratic Functions
Radical Functions
Logarithms and Exponents
Rational Functions
Permutations and Combinations

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