Math Mondays: Graphing exponential functions worksheet alternative

Wouldn’t it be great if every topic could be highly engaging?  Or if you had time and creativity to “play” with topics?  It would. In reality, time is scarce.  Furthermore, and I hope it's not just me, some topics are just not that inspiring.  

Graphing exponential functions is one of those, somewhat uninspiring.  It’s in the curriculum, so we learn it but I have yet to find a truly creative approach to them.  After completing our notes, students need to practice. To make it just a little more fun than a problem set, students use digital task cards. 

Benefits of digital task cards: 

  • add variety to problem sets 
  • easy to assess (students simply email me their completed set or insert in a Google form)
  • easy to differentiate 
  • easy to change order 

Want to try them? Grab a free set here

This is part of a series of posts focused on teaching PreCalculus.  Topics include:

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