Social Sundays: You are more than a test score...

It's standardized testing season. And while some tests will assess what students know, there is so much about each student that make them the unique person they are that won't be revealed.  I like to point this out to my students with a quick brainstorm.  I post our responses through all the days of standardized tests as a reminder.  

Here's a partial list of our brainstorm this year:

I am more than a test score.  I am...

  • empathetic
  • loyal
  • kind
  • athletic
  • silly
  • joyful
  • tired
  • shy
  • energetic
  • a dancer
  • an athlete
  • an artist
  • an actor
  • an advocate
  • a drama queen
  • adventurous
  • ambitious
  • cautious
  • strong
  • stubborn
  • determined
  • generous 
  • thoughtful
  • witty
  • a student 
  • a member of the community

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