Social Sundays: A quick and easy Women's History Month Activity (FREEBIE)

In my European history class, we really didn't have time for much women's history month this year.  I try to incorporate important women in our studies all year long, but I didn't want to just omit mention of it altogether.  I put together a quick small assignment using the internet for fun. Students had three weeks to complete the mini-project, and they could complete in class if they had time or on their own time. 

Here's what we did:

  • I assembled a large list of Google doodles related to important women from history (You can search the Google Doodle Archive here). I've learned about many women who don't make it into the history books and thought it could be cool for students to discover them, too. 
  • Students selected any of the Google doodles they wanted. 
  • For the doodle they read about the person related to the doodle 
  • Students wrote 3 pieces of evidence related to what they found out: 
    • Who was this woman and what did she do (or what dies she do if she is still alive)?
    • How is the doodle representative of this person or what are her major contributions to the world? 
    • Why does she deserve to be represented by a Google doodle?
My goal was not only to address Women's History month but also to make sure students worked with information on multiple levels of Bloom's Taxonomy.  Students:

  • Analyzed information
  • Evaluated content
  • and Explained their knowledge and understanding.
As a fun bonus we tied the write ups into a March Madness tournament for great women to accompany the women's tournament.  We posted the student analysis and doodle in brackets.  Students voted in each bracket.  Winners were declared at each stage of the tournament, and then we voted again.  We will continue until the tournament ends.  I'll let you know who won in April!

Grab even more ideas for Women's history month in this post.  Or download student handouts and detailed guide to hosting your tournament for FREE here.

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