Social Sundays: Great Ideas for Black History Month

My students are finishing up their Black History Month projects.  They will be showcasing a variety of African-Americans from past and present in multiple formats from photo journals to comic books to essays.  I challenged them to stretch themselves to go deep into exploring different individuals.  
We also did several activities around the Harlem Renaissance and pulled in some exploration of the Civil Rights Movement, and in particular how it ties into current civil rights' issues. 

Whether you spend a day on Black History month or the entire month, there is a wealth of great ideas for you.  I've gathered some of my favorites from my fellow teaching friends (and put in a couple of my own).  Check it out for a little inspiration or to grab a ready-to-use activity.

This month we did a gallery walk on segregation in schools, both in the past and the present.  The activity lead to fascinating discussions about who we do go to class with and why and does it matter (yes it does, in case you are wondering!)  We will do more on the Civil Rights Movement later this year when we get into Cold War period.

Also for the Civil Rights Movement, you can grab this free Civil Rights Movement powerpoint and notes activity from History Gal.  

ESL Nexus shares a great collection of writing prompts for Google Drive about Africa.  This is a good way to get students thinking about African history in your 1:1 classroom.

Also for Google Drive, Leah Cleary has a set of Civil Rights Movement task cards.  Students investigate and respond to questions related to a variety of topics about the Civil Rights Movement.

Social Studies Success says she has great success with using prop box play with Black History Month.  Students create a play using the props in the box all about a topic related to Black History.  Great idea for kinesthetic learners.

If you have the chance to introduce your students to Hidden Figures, the movie about African-American women forging their way through the NASA hierarchy as mathematicians, you will want to grab this accompanying set of questions from Room 311.

I also love this set of scripts for trailblazing African Americans from Gail Hennessey.  Students get up and moving to tell the stories of Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks. 

Or checkout this gallery of Harlem Renaissance artists, trailblazers in their own right, from History Girl. Students examine musicians and artists of this important period in Black History.

And finally, what discussion of Black History Month would be complete without a resource for Martin Luther King Jr.?  This activity pack from Kid World Citizen focuses on the works of Martin Luther King Jr. in relationship to important topics such as nonviolence and equal rights.

I hope you find a great resource for a day, a week or a month.  I only wish I had time to do all of these.  Of course, there is always next year.  

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