Secondary Smorgasbord: Determining values of government

Some of my fellow teachers and I have been discussing the importance of kindness and tolerance in our classrooms.  It is an important time in our history, and we, as teachers, are in a powerful position to promote positive values.  

As such a large number of teacher-authors have grouped together to generate FREE resources that help students:

-Understand our Branches of US Government and the US Constitution
-Evaluate democracy
-Explore history of civil rights movements, including suffrage
-Learn about Environmental issues including climate change
-Look for Critical thinking and examining media bias
-Encourage kindness, empathy, compassion
-And understand and respecting of cultural differences.  

I focused on government and more importantly assigning value to different aspects of community.  Do we care most about equality or compassion?  Is it imperative that our government be concerned with justice?  Should our government value education or is that the role of community members?

In this FREEBIE which can be used as a pencil-and-paper activity or a digital activity, students examine 10 values.  Each student ranks the values from most important to least important for a government.  Students write about and discuss their choices.  I love this activity to kick-off a unit on civics or government, but it can be used any time for a bell-ringer or discussion starter. Grab your free copy today. 

Thank you to ELA Buffet and Desktop Learning Adventures for hosting this blog hop for all of us to share these amazing FREE resources for your classroom.  Be sure to check out the links below to find other great resources to help you in creating a positive and tolerant culture in your class and beyond.



  1. I love this activity. Thanks so much for sharing it with our fellow teachers!

  2. This is a fantastic activity to get our students to think about the role of government. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. This is an effective activity for critical thinking! Thanks for sharing!

  4. What an awesome resource! I love the level of critical thinking that is required and the collaboration between students. Thank you for sharing!

  5. I'm looking forward to using this in American Literature! It will fit nicely in our class curriculum. Thanks!

  6. I love the idea of examining values! I think this is so important for students today!


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