Social Sundays: A little reflection...

Winter Break is upon us...woohoo!  I am ready for a little rejuvenation and a little reflection.  It has been an amazing year.  My students wow me daily.  They are pure joy, feisty, silly, thoughtful and so much more.  I have taken on new coursework and made some good headway on my new book (finally!).  

As we close 2016, I have been reflecting on some of my favorite things.  Here's just a few:

- An early morning run after a night of rainfall (there is nothing that compares to the fresh scent in the morning.)
- Roasted Brussels sprouts fresh from the farmer's market
- Mint tea with mint from the garden
- A great book before bed.  I just finished My Mrs. Brown (loved it) and started First Frost.  (Please leave your recommendations for great books in the comments section; I always need more ideas).
- Time with my family
- My students
- Laughter
- Hugs

And to all of you who support me here, thanks for taking time to read, comment and share.  Have a wonderful holiday.  I'll see you in 2017!

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