Social Sundays: Thank you from the TPT social studies community

As a teacher-author at Teachers Pay Teachers, I have been fortunate to meet an amazing group of social studies teachers.  These are some of the most talented curriculum developers I know with creative ideas for your classroom, tools to make teaching easier, and knowledge of the practical joys of teaching secondary social studies.  

This Autumn my friends and I got together and challenged ourselves to each create a fabulous new product for you to use as you close out your term or start reviewing for final assessments.  Checkout these 12 products (review, current events, analysis, and more) that just came's our way of giving to you the best of our own classroom experience.  And, beginning December 12th, use the hashtag #historygives to find a large selection of social studies products (even some of those below) at 50% off.  

From Education with DocRunning (that's me!), I developed this activity for discussing and examining current events.  This gallery walk puts student in charge of learning about the world with student-created gallery displays.  The discussions from each walk is different and valuable, and I love to see what current events invigorate students into lively analysis. 

Not to be missed is the investigative activity into the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire  from History Gal.  I can't wait to try this one out in my own classroom.  

Grab this ready-to-use US history review from Stephanie's History Store where students review US History by putting together a timeline, matching images to events, and responding to any number of 10 writingprompts/essays.  Great for test prep!

Teaching Ancient Greece not US History?  Check out The Colorado Classroom's Ancient Greece scavenger hunt.   This is fun way for students to review what they have learned about Ancient Greece.

Also for assessment is Chalk Dust Diva's is a set of 55 formative assessments.   Says Chalk Dust Diva "Assess your student's learning with these fun and engaging formative assessments for any subject!"

Michele Luck's Social Studies launches her SPRITE series with this early America activity that focuses on the meeting of three worlds.  Reading, writing, mapping and more included.

Jump into the US Constitution with a scavenger hunt using Google Drive from Mister Harms.  This is a good resource for digital classrooms.

Leah Cleary introduces  a 200+ page interactive notebook set on Sociological perspectives.  This complete unit includes lesson plans, notes and activities.  Wow!
Cullom Corner developed a creative way to examine campaign promises.  Use this after the election to analyze what those who have been elected promised and what is feasible.  Good resource for critical thinking.
Kid World Citizen shares a passion for geography with this activity in which students will learn vocabulary related to maps such as equator, Arctic Circle, Antarctic Circle, axis, compass rose, hemispheres, latitude/longitude, and much, much more.

And in the true spirit of giving...a little freebie on Ancient China from the ESL Nexus.  Give students a taste of Chinese history and culture with 3 short reading passages accompanied by questions for writing and discussion.

Hope you enjoy these resources.  And don't forget, look for extra savings the week of December 11th using the #historygives hashtag for an extra gift from these and more Social Studies teacher-authors on TPT.

Social Sundays is a bi-weekly post sharing tips, ideas, resources, and products for teaching social studies.  If you have questions or think there is something I should share, you can leave me a message in the comments below or at the store in the question and answer section.  



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