Social Sundays: Back to School Tips

As we head back to school this year, I am already thinking about next year.   For years I was moved from class to class (World History to US History to Western Civilization to...), and every year I had to start from scratch.  It was exhausting.

Now, I have had the opportunity to teach some of those classes for more than a single year.  I wish I had been more organized in those early years.  I still have my planners, but what I lack from those early days are my notes about what worked, changes I would make, and activities that were, in short, complete disasters. Oh, how I wish I had those thoughts with me today.

When I say that I am already thinking about next year, it is because as I go through this year, I will be recording all those notes, ideas and feedback as the year goes along SO that I will have less NEW planning to do in the following year AND I will be able to continue to improve. Here's my plan:

  • Keep a folder for each week that includes all the activities, handouts, reference materials (in a list for videos/books).
  • Add notes on handouts specific to what worked, didn't work and changes to be made.
  • Add notes to the folder of changes to be made for the entire week.
  • Before I pack my classroom at the end of next year, I'll prep the first three weeks of the next year with this added knowledge.  So, when I come back from summer, I will be least a little bit.



  1. Great tips for back to school and all year long! Thank you for sharing!

  2. This would definitely make the end of year wrap-ups and reflections more manageable, I'll have to try this out! ~Stephanie

  3. I am the queen of folders! I have a filing cabinet filled with everything I've ever used in my classes. It definitely helps to purge each folder after using it and before sticking it back into the cabinet though!

  4. Great idea, Doc Running! If we all knew then what we know now!!

    1. Too a not very organized person, it will be my challenge to make this work. I'm optimistic :)