Math Mondays: Time for Summer

I am a lucky person...I am a teacher.  Many of you have joined me on my teaching journey through this year of Math Mondays.  Thank you! 

This is the last Math Mondays post of the school year (don't worry Math Mondays returns in August). Rather than just announce the hiatus, I thought I'd share highlights from the year of your favorites.  Think of this as the 2015-2016 Math Monday Yearbook.  So, without further adieu, here's what you, the readers, have liked:

Playing with slope: this is a fun idea for creating artwork while studying the slope (or rate of change) of a line.  

Pythagoras & Pirates:  You also enjoyed a pirate treasure hunt to apply the Pythagorean theorem.

Lots of readers were interested in steps for making a student-centered math project.  This financial literacy project is filled with student choices.

Finally, outside the box problem solving was explored through the 2+2 = 6 post.  (You probably think I made a calculation error, but did I?

Want more?  You can find links to all of the Math Mondays posts here.  Thank you, again, to all who have joined me exploring math topics.  See you in August!

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