Found in Education: This week in education

I have spring fever...well, really just the fever part.   Rather than not write anything, I grabbed some of the interesting stories I have read over the past week from education and education policy to highlight below.  (If you like this new format, be sure to let me know).

  1. More on Charters.  Dr Julian Vasquez Heilig weighs in on the rapid expansion of charters despite community opposition.  Dr. Heilig is a highly respected researcher and a professor of education.  His blog, Cloaking Inequity, is worth a look.
  2. Different views on the Common Core.  Education research firm WestEd shared a report this week on the differing views of the Common Core roll out in California.  Superintendents and teachers are not seeing eye to eye on this.  A note of caution: the survey is not statistically valid as the response rate was low.
  3. Researchers say no to Common Core.  Also on the common core, researchers are advocating to end all "high-stakes" testing and say there is no evidence to support the common core standards as a means to improve our education system.  Amen to that!
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