Social Studies: The Collective Wisdom

I previously have talked about some of my favorite resources for information.  I was interested in what other websites social studies teachers loved using for resources for themselves and students.  I gathered some data, and here's what I found out:

Susan from ESL Nexus says check out Discovery Education: "there are loads of videos for ancient, world, and US American history that I used in my middle school classes; because it was so comprehensive, it was my first place to look whenever I wanted to show a video to my students.  If you don't have access to Discovery Education, the BBC has a series of webpages for students and teachers which I also used, with information and activities about various time periods:  BBC History for KidsBBC Hands On History, and BBC Ancient History.

Stephanie from Stephanie's History Store "recently discovered Time for Kids.  It's been great for incorporating current events and holidays into my middle school classes.  It's easy for kids to navigate, it combines text, videos, and pictures, and best of all it gives them a variety of perspectives on a topic.  Using their Black History Month section as the example, the site goes beyond Martin Luther King, Jr. and introduces students to noteworthy African Americans of a variety of time periods, ages, accomplishments, and both genders."

The OCBeach Teacher advises teachers that she "loves The New York Times Learning Network.  They provide fabulous interdisciplinary lessons that are relevant to students and engage them in their learning.  Additionally, since the lessons require reading of newspaper articles, they're an excellent way to incorporate literacy skills across the curriculum.

I'll add that for students there are so many good websites out there.  National Geographic has some interactive opportunities.  For Westward expansion, I loved sharing the National Geographic Go West journey with students that works kind of like a choose your own adventure book.  

As always, if you have more ideas, feel free to share in the comments below.  There is great value in the collective wisdom!

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  1. Thanks for including my recommendations. The National Geographic Go West journey looks fun! It's a similar idea as the Viking Quest Game on one of the BBC webpages: which my students enjoyed.


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