Math Mondays: A little Valentine's cheer

Valentine's day is coming.  We don't really do holidays in my math class - we are just too busy. For math days, such as Pi day, we sometimes pull in a little related material.  It was, though, when I discovered a way to make hearts from Fibonacci spirals that I pulled in a little math meets holiday time.  

I've written about Fibonacci spirals here before, so I'll be brief.  After introducing Fibonacci Spirals, students draw Fibonacci spirals.  But here's where the valentine comes in...fold the paper in half on the edge with the beginning of the spiral.  Cut out the spiral and open...voila, you have a heart!  

Students then scale the spirals up and down to make different heart sizes.  Near Valentine's day, I bring in lots of different colors of paper and give students time to decorate their hearts.  Sometimes we create a Fibonacci heart bulletin board to share our "love" of math...(You can find directions and student handouts here).

What do you do for Valentine's Dayin your math class?  Love to hear new ideas in the comments section.

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  1. Glad to see you were able to weave a little Fibonnaci into Valentine's Day. Actually, there really should be a Fibonnaci Day, or a da Vinci Day, or Descarte Day. Make it so!



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