Found in Education: The Courts' Impact on Education

Perhaps the biggest news in education this week was the death of Supreme Court Justice Scalia.  With the do-nothing congress of late and the foreseeable future, the role of the Supreme Court on policy is taking an ever larger role. 

As such with the death of Scalia, a staunch conservative, the court decisions will be impacted no matter who fills that seat. And while we wait for a new Justice, which Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says won't be until the next president, court decisions will still be made.

Important in education are such cases as 
Friedrichs vs. California Teachers Assn., a case in which Justice Scalia was likely to rule against the teachers' union. Without Scalia, it is likely that the Supreme Court decision will be 4-4 which means that the ruling of the lower court will stand. In this case, this will mean that teachers in California will be required to be members of the teacher's union and pay the dues associated with that membership.  

So with a new justice in limbo, it is likely that much of the education cases in the pipeline to the supreme court will be effected.  Furthermore, the role of the lower courts will be even more important in the coming months.

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