Found in Education: Class and Schools

As my regular readers know, I am passionate about social justice, particularly in schools. I write often about inequality in schools and various approaches towards dealing with the inequity in the U.S. education system. Here, I share one of my favorite books on the topic: Class and Schools  by Richard Rothstein.

Although this book was written for an academic audience, it is accessible to a much wider audience.

Rothstein brilliantly outlines what we can and cannot do to address the Black-White achievement gap.  Rothstein suggests that schools can only do so much. Instead, Rothstein argues that the achievement gap is due more to inequity in social class opportunity than to racial differences.  Rothstein shows that social and economic reforms can have a real impact not only on black students but on the disadvantaged students in our nation.  Class and Schools is a must read for anyone serious about equity in education.

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