Social Sundays: It's about the "story" in history

There are many reasons that I love social studies.  One of these reasons is the opportunity find out the interesting stories behind people and events.  For me Leonardo da Vinci's artwork is of course noteworthy, but I loved learning that he taught himself to read and write and at his heart, he was just fascinated about the world.

I find that when its time to study various wars that finding the stories can be difficult. We tend to focus on causes and battle wins, but of course those stories are out there which is why I was thrilled to find the stories of five lesser known figures from the civil war. 

The stories include  that of Robert Small a talented slave who literally sailed his way to freedom and Mary Walker, a doctor and surgeon who dressed in union uniform and helped wounded soldiers on both sides of the battle field.

When we looked at these stories, I really wanted to connect with my visual learners and let us all see a bigger picture of the civil war.  One option I gave for working with the stories was doodles. I was inspired by the Google doodles. Ours were much simpler but still fun. I provided blank words related to the civil war and then students created doodles for one of the stories that they read about. The doodles became part of a large wall of ideas, facts, timelines, and analysis of the Civil War.  For me and others, it made the war more interesting. And the doodles were a big hit. I'm sure the doodles will be part of future projects. You can find all the stories and activity here.  And as always on social sundays, look for some resources below to enhance your classroom.

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  1. Your creativity seems to have no bounds! I always get new ideas and learn new tricks when I read your posts, thank you VERY much for sharing!

    1. It's all the running...and of course the inspiration from students. So glad that the posts are helpful to your classroom.