Social Sundays: 5 Informational Websites for Teaching Social Studies

I am always reading up on various topics which we are studying in class.  I love books, but there are also great resources, at least for an introduction, on the internet.  Below are 5 of my favorite websites for gathering information both as a teacher and for students to use:

  • Biography. Com. I love biography for an introduction to different people from history.  The articles provide a decent set of highlights of individuals. The text is accessible to most students although perhaps not filled with the best story-telling. For some people there are short videos, and there are often links to other sites with more information.

  • is another good resource for information on events and people.  There is a this day in history which is fun to post occasionally. You never know what might spark students' interest.  Like the information on history is accessible and there are sometimes accompanying videos.
  • Smithsonian education - the Smithsonian education is a wealth of resources. There are lesson ideas for educators and information. I love the search option by topic and grade level. A great go to website.
  • Library of congress - the Library of Congress education website has a wealth of primary sources as well as lesson ideas.  Teaching with primary sources is a powerful opportunity to place students in historical context by hearing the words of others. 
  • The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History - This website is a recent find.  It's great for teaching U.S. History.  I like the organization of this website.  Among my favorite links are teaching literacy through history and explore history by the era.  There are also primary sources and lots of ideas to inspire your U.S. history classroom.

What websites are part of your go to library of resources?  Share in the comments section below.  

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  1. It was hard for me to pick just one, so I'll say "presidential library websites in general." I One of my students' favorites though is probably the New Deal Periodic Table via the FDR Library: It makes a sometimes not so thrilling topic a little more fun to work with :-)

  2. There is a wonderful website (I think it might be a UK site) called Spartacus Educational run by a very enthusiastic historian. Has lots of information on key figures and events in history, complete with primary sources. I'd highly recommend a look!

  3. Newsela is my go-to for current events articles (you can adjust the difficulty of the text to match the reading level of your students).

  4. Great idea - thanks! Here are 21 web top sites you'll love! Best, Ellen