Found in Education: Still more on Teaching Housing and a commentary on policy development

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Retaining great teachers in expensive areas continues to be a hot topic. I previously wrote about teacher housing here and here. This week the San Jose Mercury reported on the efforts of districts to construct affordable housing for their teachers. Santa Clara unified school district opened 70 units for teachers in 2002 and continues to be a model for many districts. Today, San Francisco Unified School District, Roaring Fork School District in Colorado, Oakland and Milwaukee are just a few of the districts looking into teacher apartments.  
The low pay for teachers combined with the high cost of living poses s considerable problem for our education system. Whether housing or better pay or both are part of the solution to teacher retention remains to be seen. I will be following the discussion and developments.

Also found one education is  this to the point cartoon from SMBC Comics that comments on the way in which we think about developing curriculum and assessment.  

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