Social Sundays: Giving thanks

Thank you to for image of heart.
For social sundays this week, I asked some fellow social studies teachers to share what they are grateful for in teaching social studies.  I share their (and my) reflections full of resources below. Take a moment and check them out.  And please share your own reflections.

From Kovescence of the Mind - "I am grateful for sticky notes, Google Classroom, and interactive notebooks.  Without them I would drown in a pile of papers that I could never get out of."

From The ESL Nexus - "I am grateful for computers and the Internet.  It makes Social Studies come alive for students!  Rather than reading from a dull textbook like when I was a kid, students nowadays have the world literally in their hands.  I've been able to do so many fun and engaging activities thanks to the World Wide Web."

From History and Psychology Resources - "I am grateful that I get to do a job where I laugh everyday and I get to interact with young people who will make the world a better place."

From All Things History Lesson Plans - "I am grateful that I am teaching in a great school and have amazing students to work with every day."

From Stephanie's History Store - "I am grateful that I have students who are willing to work outside their comfort zones and let me try out new projects with them, it keeps us all on our toes."

And my thanks?  I have so many but mostly I am grateful that I get to learn with and from bright minds every day and challenge myself and others to think deeply about the world - past, present, and future.

Share your grateful thoughts below in the comments and grab some resources.  

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