Math Mondays: Math Teachers Give Thanks

This month's Math Mondays blog hop celebrates the holiday season with thoughts of thankfulness.

In my house we end each day sharing something we are grateful for.  I love that we end the day reminding ourselves that even when it has been a hard day or we are going through rough times, there is always one thing to be thankful for even if it is just being healthy or alive.  Our gratefuls vary widely from "I'm grateful for chocolate" to "I'm grateful to be in Paris." For the math Monday hop, I'd thought I'd share just a small sample of some of my gratefuls from this past year:

  • I'm grateful I get to teach.
  • I'm grateful for students that challenge me.
  • I'm grateful for teaching in a flexible environment that gives my students and I the opportunity to stretch ourselves.
  • I'm grateful to spend each day with our future.
  • I'm grateful to get to laugh every day.
  • I'm grateful to be.

What are you grateful for?  Share your thoughts in the comments section below and then hop around the links to see other grateful thoughts from fellow math-teacher bloggers.

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  1. I'm grateful for students who ask questions.
    I'm grateful I work in an excellent district.
    I'm grateful that my wife and I teach at the same school!


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