Math Mondays: Math Can Be Beastly

So some of my calculus colleagues were voicing their frustration with students who can do the calculus, but can't do the algebra.  This, I think, is not a new complaint.  If I really looked at, the teachers in Algebra think the students are still struggling with the pre-Algebra concepts, and the pre-Algebra teachers wish students knew division better and so on down the line. All this is part of the reason I have such a wide variety of practice and review activities for students as well as many levels of fun math books.
One of those series that sits around in the classroom is the Beast Academy series.

What my students like:

  • They are a bit silly - 
  • As the name suggests, all the characters are beasts
  • The concepts are explained with clear diagrams
  • The characters make mistakes

The series also includes practice books with problems that align with the comic sections if you need them.  I love having them around just so students can pick them up and review or think about math concepts in a fun way.  Also, it's not so bad when your teacher asks you to read a comic book, even if it is about math!

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  1. I have been meaning to check this series out. Anytime you can make math fun and silly, but still meaningful, it's a win-win!!!

    1. I just ordered the 5a book. I'll let you know how it is.

  2. Thanks for sharing this series...I need some "silly" in my workshop.


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