Found in Education: Charters in LA - revisited

In early October I told you about an interest by the Broad Foundation in expanding the number of charter schools in Los Angeles.  This week researcher and advocate Pedro Noguera writes on EdSource about how the debate about increasing the number of charter schools in Los Angeles offers the opportunity for debate.  

Noguera makes some salient points.  Among them:

"Throughout the country, charter schools are incredibly diverse in their character and quality. "  and "the debate we should have over the Broad proposal, and the expansion of charter schools generally, is: what kinds of charter schools should be encouraged and what kinds should be avoided?"  
Image courtesy of goad
Although on this second question, I differ from Noguera.  While I am doubtful we can ever end the reign of charters, I am not a believer that we should be including charter schools in our system of education.  This is not a point about the quality of charters.  Just as there is a wide variety of quality and character to charter schools, there is a wide variety of quality and character to public schools.  The problem isn't individual schools themselves, it is the diversion of resources.  If we all had to invest in our local schools think about how they might improve.  What do you think?  Should we divert resources to multiple avenues to build a high quality education system for all?

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