Math Mondays: Math Workshop In the Words of Students

For the past few weeks, I have talked about the structure of math class.  We have project time, differentiated practice and learning, and reflection.  To wrap up the series, I thought it might be more valuable to save the thoughts of my students then my own.  Here's the top 5 reasons my students like this structure of math class:

1. I can - says one student: "I know I can do math. Before I didn't think I could do math, because sometimes I didn't get it and that was all.  Now, I don't have to get it as fast as everyone else but with extra time I understand it and that feels good."

2. Math projects: "my favorite thing about math are the projects. I didn't know math could be fun, but the projects are. That's cool."

3. Reflections: "when we had to write about our math day I thought it was kind of lame at first. But now I like it because it has helped me figure out what I can do better and I'm not always waiting on the teacher or just failing"

4. On differentiation: "I love that I get to always work on new things and not wait for everyone else to catch up.  I don't have to be bored just waiting and waiting."

5. In charge: "I love that I'm in charge, well sort of. I mean I have to learn what I need, but I can completely go at my own pace which is great because some days I'm super motivated and everything clicks.  Other days,  not so much. And I'm not just failing because I have a bad day. Math is cool like that."

My students said it best.

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