Found in Education: Teacher evaluation challenged, Corruption in Chicago, and..

This past week was FILLED with new policy events, and of course, there is always a little fun at the end:

Teachers take the many proposed teacher evaluation systems to court.  This past week, provided a useful summary of current cases and their status across the United States.  It's worth a look.  

After a very short tenure, former Chicago Public School Chief Education Officer, Byrd-Bennett, was part of a bribery scheme

"In the December 2012 email, Gary Solomon, the owner of SUPES Academy and a consultant with long ties to the Emanuel administration, assured Byrd-Bennett that trust accounts had been set up in the names of two of her young relatives, each funded with tens of thousands of dollars, federal prosecutors alleged. The cash would be hers once she stepped down from her public post and rejoined his firm."  Bribery in education disturbs me more than in other sectors, not that I ever support it.  But, when people who participate in bribery, embezzlement and other corruption ultimately are hurting children, and that is unacceptable.

For the classroom, loved this idea for just about any age.  Sometimes, students (and teachers) need a simple way to put worries in perspective.  I plan on trying this out in the next couple of weeks.

For a little halloween fun, this picture was found by a colleague, and I couldn't resist sharing with all the math teachers out there.

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