Found in Education: Obama discounts value of

So the big piece of news this past week was Obama saying over the weekend that no more than 2% of students time in school should be spent on testing. I'm not going to argue that number, but here's what I and others found interesting:

1. At a town hall in 2008 Obama argued eloquently that standardized tests do little to measure students ability to learn.

2. The Obama administration pushed and has implemted policy that links student test scores to teacher evaluations. California lost Race to the Top fund in part due to the Obama administration's insistence that teacher evaluations be tied to standardized test scores.

3. The testing regime that began under George W. Bush's No Child Left Behind did not lessen under Obama's tenure.

4. Obama's statement gives little acknowledgement to the links between school funding and test scores not the enormous amount of time spent teaching to the test.

5. Given that Obama's education secretary recently resigned and that Obama will be leaving office in just over a year, his statement is likely to have little to no effect on the is education system.  In other words, can we really applaud him for his empty words?

Still, I'm glad he realized that testing is not the answer. I only wish that he had done something back in 2009 when I had such HOPE that he would CHANGE education policy for the better.

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    1. Well, here's hoping for positive policy when someone else is elected.


  2. I remember the HOPE and CHANGE speech clearly, that's how he won me over. Very disappointing indeed. It was the first time I heard someone call us "nation builders" and I will never forget it!

    1. Me, too! I was so disappointed with how it turned out.



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