THANK YOU: No Follower Giveaway

Thank you to each and everyone who has supported Education with DocRunning.  It's been deeply rewarding.  And to celebrate 300 followers, I am hosting a No Follower Giveaway.

Here's all you need to do to enter:

1. Share your grade level.
2. Share the subject you teach.
3. Select a free product (either Wanted or Guess Who?) you would like sent to you.

(Note: I am trying to better understand my audience which is why I am asking for grade level and subject area).

In addition to the free product, 1 person will win a product of their choice from the store ($10 or less).

That's it.  Giveaway ends Monday, September 20th

Next giveaway at 500 followers.  
To hear about the next giveaway, you can follow the store, follow the Facebook page, or follow the blog.

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