Found in Education: Dreaming, Common Core and Beating the Odds

This week's found in education features dreams, continued news on the common core and an inspirational story.

  • DREAMING: I love having students think about their future and what they want to be.  I once asked my freshman class "What do you want to be when you grow up?", and the two most popular answers were rich and famous. I was so sad.  But, I am an optimist.   I think if students did this, wrote a profession every year, wouldn't it be wonderful for the students. I will definitely be doing this with my students this fall and giving them the pictures to keep.

  • COMMON CORE TEST RESULTS: Also found in education this week, results from common core tests came out and they are not meeting expectations. Doesn't that sound corporate?  It's like when earnings reports come out for the stock market. Common Core results were higher than expected but also not what parents expected.  Common Core continues to meet considerable resistance across the nation.

  • TESTING NOT THE WHOLE STORY:  Most of us already know this, and yet we continue to test.  As proof that testing cannot tell the whole picture, And as proof, I found this story (from 2012) about a high school that while marked as "failing" is succeeding.

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  1. I love the Dreaming and giving your students a copy of the picture! It is so relevant at every age and will hopefully get kids focused on something other than "rich and famous" which did make me a bit sad too to hear that. It will also be a nice memory for you :-)

  2. Hoping that students will have something better to say than rich and famous this year...if not, I know that my job will be in part to make them more aware of being part of the community.



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