Found in Education: CA suspends high school exam; FASFA to come out early; and...

This week in Found in Education, there was quite a bit going on in the policy world.

Since last week's post, California lawmakers voted to place their high school exit exam on hold.  It was not common core aligned.  The exam has many questions beyond common core such as if students pass it at grade 10 when they start taking it, then what is it really testing?  Some see the suspension as a possible journey out of the exam.

Also in education policy, 

the federal government announced an early release of the FAFSA (for student-aid).  The idea is that now students will know if they are going to get federal aid closer to when they are accepted to university.  The education world on the whole sees this new policy as a win.  It will be important to watch what happens during implementation.

And finally, I really liked this picture I found on Pinterest about the right way to use technology in the classroom.  There seems to be a sense that technology can fix all of education's problems.  We cannot simply hack our way to a better education system or think of technology as saving schools.  Technology is another tool just like a book or a pencil.

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