GIVEAWAY: Time for another thank you

Unbelievably, it is already time for another follower giveaway.  As my store followers know, I do a giveaway every 100 followers (BIG giveaways coming at 500 and 1,000).  

This is a shopping giveaway at my TPT store.  This is a great way to grab something off your wish list.  

Maybe you are looking for the new 

Algebra practice and review custom bundle 


are hoping to grab the Renaissance activity bundle.  

You might just need something new for back to school.  Enter and win to select products of your choice.

Three prizes available:

- Any 1 item at the store.
- Any 1 item ($10 or less in value) at the store.
- Any 1 item ($5 or less in value) at the store.

Multiple ways to enter:

- Follow the store
- Visit the Facebook page
- Follow me on pinterest
- Follow the blog

The giveaway has ended.  Congratulations to the winner:

1st prize: Gwendolyn
2nd prize: Laura
3rd prize: James

Check back here for the next giveaway at 300 followers!



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