Found in Education: Teacher Housing, Math tips from around the internet and a little humor

This week found in education...

  • Oakland Unified School district is considering an interesting proposal to deal with teacher shortages in Oakland.  The school board in Oakland is considering building affordable housing for its teachers on a parcel of land they own. The goal is to attract teachers to the district and provided much needed housing. Rents in the Bay Area have sky rocketed over the past few years, forcing many teachers to live far from where they work. And the cost of a house in Alameda County in which Oakland is located requires a minimum income of $161,000.  The median income of an Oakland Unified School District teacher according to is $50,314.   I'm looking forward to seeing where this proposal goes next.

  • Math ideas from Math Teachers at Play -  I recently discovered the math carnival blog series. This month is being hosted by mrs e math. The post has lots of great links to ideas for teaching math at different levels.  I especially loved the post in the Algebra and Geometry section about why to teach optical illusions.  And of course, it was fun to be featured as part of the Mathematical Recreation section for the 2 + 2 = 6 post from Math Mondays.

  • And staying with the math theme, I enjoyed this complex number cartoon.  I will definitely be sharing it with my students when we get to complex numbers.

  • Finally, I had to share this photo found on Pinterest of professional development days.  It may be just a little too true.

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