Found in Education: From CA, Chapter books in Math, and Professional Development

I think I was busier this week, because there just weren't as many idea that struck me. Still, I have a couple to share for this week's Found in Education.

Tom Torlakson was on NPR this week. He stated that  we needed more hands on education and mentioned the vocational programs in high school. To which I have 2 responses: yes, we need more hands on education but what are policymakers doing to support that. There are teachers who have "40 students per class, 5 classes a day," and in their words "no time to get to know their students."  Second, while vocational programs definitely are of value in the interest of equity, why don't we see vocational options in the rich neighborhoods?   Is the implication that all those upper class kids should/ will go to and graduate from college while for the low socioeconomic kids, a plumbing job is good enough?  This is a difficult issue that has to be addressed.

Second, the what do we do all day blog posted a list of math chapter books. These would be good for elementary. I personally love The Number Devil.  Found this post on pinterest.

Finally, it was reported this week a study shows professional development is a waste of money. That combined with my own professional development experiences, certainly makes me wonder how we can best support good teaching.

And because, I always like to have something just for fun. Since many of us are looking at the dawn of a new school year (or have already started), I include simply a photo of a beautiful sunrise in Ibiza, Spain taken by Pete Watson.  Hope you are enjoying a beautiful sunrise each day.  

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