Summer Fun: Favorite Things

Taking a quick moment to link up with fellow bloggers to share some of our favorite things, hosted by Teaching Trio.  

This month, I share some of my favorite Summer Fun ideas:

1. CHEF SKILLS: I love to work on my amateur chef skills.  This summer I have been enjoying the fruits of summer as well as trying out new ingredients like squash blossoms.  I am still working on eclairs; I'll let you know when I master them!

2. BEACH TIME:  I'm not a sit at the beach kind of person, but I do love to take a hike over there and play in the sand, so definitely some of my summer fun includes beach time.  (I may even be there now as you read this.)

3. A LITTLE PLANNING: And of course, I never really take the summer off.  The work of summer is always a little different (I wrote about it recently here). I do love the extra time to think deeply about the year and how I want to shape it, so I will be doing a little planning this month.  

What will you do with your summer?  Share your comments, and be sure to check out the other Favorite Things links.  



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