Found in Education: Test Scores, lecture and inspiration

As teachers and students prepare to go back to school, schools are reflecting on where they have been and where they are going.  Here are some of what I have found in education this week: 

1. News related to last years test scores have been creeping out. Among the notable findings: 

  • Third graders'  test scores at a Harlem school are being thrown out on accusations that the principal changed the test.  Among the saddest part of this story, is that the principal jumped in front of a train.  The pressure on teachers, students and principals is untenable.  Full story from the NY Times here.
  • Study shows that brain development is effected by poverty (not news) and that test scores are impacted.

2. I despise lecture, as you know.  This graphic just reiterates why lecture is a waste of your teaching time and students' learning time.

3. And for fun this week, love this quote from Yeats. Share your favorite quote about education below.  

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