Found in Education: Differentiation, Poverty, and Back to School

For Found in Education, I chose something from policy, a little teacher advice, and something just for fun.

Graph from USA TODAY

This week was a busy week in education policy.  ESEA passed through both houses of Congress and several studies have been featured.  The Pew Research center came out with a  study last week with information that shows that poverty continues to be an enormous issue in education (chart above). 1 in 7 children are living in poverty and the impact of that goes way beyond what education can do.  Simply put, schools cannot overcome the stress and strain on children of poverty, even if it had all the resources it needed.  We need more comprehensive policy.

Also, for many, summer days are quickly winding to a close and plans for the new school year are coming together.  Related to how we run our class, I found this post from Momma with a Teaching Mission has some good tips of how to differentiation (plus it's worth a read about how the subjects are taught.)

And for back to school, I found these fun back to school cupcakes by Dukes and Duchesses. Wouldn't you love to have these in your teacher's lounge?

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