Five For Friday: Refreshing

Five for Friday is a weekly teacher linky party where you post five random things from today or this past week on your blog.

It was a busy work week. 

First. I'm excited about a series of Colonial America activities I put together, in particular the pop-up colonial town. I've never enjoyed Early U.S. history as much as world history, so it's been fun to dig deep and figure out how to make it interesting. And now I'm loving it. And how fun is that for students to build their own colonial town with these pop up colonial buildings!

Second. My OCD kicked in this week and I started old product makeovers.for example I took all the newspaper projects and added additional graphic organizers so now buyers can choose from 3 organizers or even better, let their students choose. When the school year launches again, I want to make sure everything is new and shiny. Plus my previous buyers get a lifetime of revisions, so they can enjoy the new looks. More refreshes next week. 

Third, a trip to the library. Libraries and bookstores are among my favorite places in the world. As you can see, I left with just a few books! 

 Fourth, as always there was lots of amateur chef work this week. Nothing new I am afraid, but I did whip up, literally, some delicious bittersweet chocolate mousse. Can you say yum?! 

Fifth, I am watching the ESEA re authorization debate closely. There are some interesting new proposals coming through like parent choice to opt out of testing. It will be interesting to see what happens to the bill in the senate. I'm talking about it with others on Twitter. Would love to have you join in the conversation.




  1. You are a teacher after my own heart! I have to purposely stay away from libraries because I often come home not only with books for me to read, but after a small stop at their store, a "few" extra books for my classroom. And like you, I've been watching how the legislature views education, what they think is important, how much they think they know about what we do, and how much we need to keep them informed!
    BTW - that bittersweet chocolate mousse looks delicious!

  2. So true...and yes the bittersweet chocolate mousse was a big hit. I guess I should link the recipe. Thanks for taking time to share.



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