Five for Friday: Focus

Five for Friday is a weekly teacher linky party where you post five random things from today or this past week on your blog.  

This week was about getting focused on several projects that I have been working on.  

All about social studies.

This week I was super focused on social studies.   I had great fun writing up station activities for the Iroquois. My students especially loved the pop-up three sisters garden and making cornbread.

Cooking it up

As always cooking was a fun part of the week.  Our neglected garden is finally getting over my lack of a green thumb and producing some lovely food. 

We threw together some pesto pasta with the basil and served it with homemade mozerella (so fun if you've never tried it) and heirloom tomatoes. Not terribly fancy, but lots of fun.


I took a break from curriculum to work on my book. The meat of it is now written but the revision and editing is slow going. Ugh. I'm thinking of self publishing through kick starter but I haven't decided, so more research needed there.

More writing

It was a writing week (book, curriculum, blog). In addition to my weekly posts for social Sundays and math Mondays, I started a Found in Education series on the blog. 

I love, love, love Pinterest (who knew that my anti-social media self would take to it like a duck to water) but there is just so much good stuff to share.  So found in education is a quick highlight of one or two of my favorite found pieces from my Pinterest boards.

And the writing continues.
I bundled up many of my writing prompts that I have collected over the year, creating themed prompts for the seasons.  I remember all the great ideas my students came up with in response to some of some of them are so silly.  

Math curriculum was definitely neglected this week, so that will probably go on the top of the agenda next week.  Have a great weekend.




  1. Hello DocRunning. I've got a bunch of basil that needs pinching, too– pasta sounds good. Congrats on the book progress– I dabble. And I love that scrabble wall.Neat. See you around. Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

  2. That Scrabble board needs to find its way to my room! Looking forward to reading more of your blog! - Tracey


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