Makeover Madness: Week 1 Challenge

A bunch of TPT sellers joined up to accomplish some goals this summer.  Week 1 - makeover a product.  While product makeovers are always on my every lengthening to do list, I am in the middle of a new unit, which I am super excited about, so I didn't really want to do a full makeover at first.  Instead, I thought I would take on a product cover and rework it.  It was great fun to rethink the first impression.  

Covers are like a package, so they are definitely worth serious investment.  My goal with the cover makeover:
  • Capture attention

  • Show you what's in the product: A disappointed buyer is not good, so I want my buyers to see what to expect.

  • Here's what I started with:

    Changes I made:

    • New font and box to emphasize tithe
    • Added covers of products contained in bundle
    • Added details such as number of projects and pages
    • Included pages of samples of projects

    What do you think?  It's busier than my other covers, so I can't decide if it works or not. Would love your input in the comments below.





    1. Great job! I love your new cover....the buyer will definitely have a better idea of what this packet is about. Also, you added that it has 245 pages. That's a great thing to mention with larger products.....buyers love to know they are getting a lot for their money! Nicely done!

    2. It is busier, but I agree with Shelly: the numbers are great. To see quickly that there are 9 projects, and over 200 pages. hat makes me want to click to see exactly what it contains.

    3. Thank you Shelly and Carissa. I greatly appreciate the feedback. So helpful...


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