Five for Friday: The fruits of summer

It's time for the five for friday link up where a bunch of teacher bloggers connect five random things from their week.  Then we link up our ideas.  It's always random and always fun.  So, here's what I have for this week.  

  • Revision:  So, as many have noted, one of the great things about buying products at TPT is that you get every revision ever, for FREE!  I have been making over some of my products with new ideas.  This week I re-worked all my products related to the Progressive Era and Gilded Age.  They are so sharp, now, and I am loving it.  I hope my buyers and their students benefit.  

  • I cooked A LOT.  The fruits of summer were plentiful and I made among other things: blueberry tart, peach galette, fried squash blossoms, and more.  I love cooking, especially new things and I have enjoyed the extra time to challenge my cooking skills, and eat new food!

  • Getting outdoors:   I enjoyed some fresh air on the hiking trails, which is absolutely one of my favorite activities all year round.  The smell of the redwoods here was fantastic!

  • Finished writing up some new products:  I got so excited about some of the work I did, and it's been a blast to write things up and get them out there for others.  It's been fun. 

  • Was (am) grateful:  I am thankful every day for the wonderful life I get to live.  Each night we do gratefuls in our house, where we share something we are grateful for.  It's such a nice end to the day.  I am so grateful for everything!

See everyone next week.



  1. I have always wanted to make fries squash flowers, but never have taken the plunge. I'm so intrigued by them. It looks like your summer is off to a great start.
    Middle School Math Rules

  2. Fried squash blossoms were certainly an adventure. We made squash blossom risotto the next week which was fun.



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