Creating balance when getting organized

This morning I am joining with other bloggers to share ideas about how I plan for an upcoming week.  For me getting ready for the week is about creating a balanced list of things I need(would like) to do and things that I didn't accomplish from the previous week.  

I ALWAYS have items from the previous week.  That used to bother me, but now I kind of like it.  I intentionally overplayn so that I have lots of items to choose from.  By putting several ideas on my lists, I can take advantage of small chunks of time.  For example, when I have 5 minutes, I can quickly use the online scheduler to make a doctor's appointment or pay a bill.  When I have bigger chunks, I can select other ideas.  

To create balance, I divide my list into 4 sections: ME, WORK, FAMILY, OTHER.  

I divide items into each of the categories.  I have written in detail about the purpose of this here, but the long and short of it is that I found that if I do too much in any one area of my life, I neglect other parts of my life and become a GRUMP, particularly if there are no "ME" items each week.  

So, what's on my list this week?  Grab a glance below...

How do you get ready for the week? Jump in with your ideas...



  1. I love how you balance it all with this chart! So smart and all four squares are so important! Thanks for linking up and joining us!

  2. Balance is key. I don't have kids, but I definitely struggle to balance my time between work and husband/home and me. He actually said last week, "why don't you take a day to do something you enjoy. You've been working and cleaning house and going since the day you got out for summer." Sometimes I forget about me. I think I'll add a little section like this to my planner! Thanks for the idea!

    Simply Secondary

  3. Love this! Balancing everything is so important!!

  4. Love the Me square!!! So important!!!

  5. Thanks! The me square is super important! Even when I only have a couple of things it in for me, a little me time every day keeps me sane and makes me a better person for everyone around me.

  6. That such a great idea! Thanks for joining us!

  7. Great idea! I know my work list is toooooooo large, so this will help me cut that down and add more to family and me. :)


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