Beyond the classroom: Strawberry Frasier

One of my favorite things about summer is playing with the wonderful finds at the farmer's markets and the u-picks in our area.  Yesterday, the strawberries were exquisite.  I love them plain or sliced on a top of homemade yogurt.  For dessert a personal favorite is fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate ganache or whip cream.

But because I had time to explore I thought I would challenge myself with a dessert inspired by a recent trip to Europe.  Many of the pastry shops have these lovely desserts called Fraisiers.  
They are often strawberry but also can be blueberry, raspberry or blackberry.    Basically, a Frasier is a sponge cake topped with fruit and a mousse.  The Strawberry Fraisier has been likened to the french version of Strawberry Shortcake.   

I used the recipe here from Food and Wine.   We had some extra mousse, so I filled chocolate cups with it.  I would share a picture, but unfortunately, they all have been eaten.  It was scrumptious and lots of fun (and work to make).  I would maybe switch out the mousse next time to a different flavor, but we will see.   Overall, though, excellent.  



  1. That looks delicious! I love in-season strawberries, too!


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