Social Sundays: Words of Wisdom

Social Sunday's summer hiatus begins next week. I've thought quite a bit about what I could say before the two month break. What words of wisdom I could impart for finishing the year. I thought and thought about it and decided that really students have often had the best words of wisdom for teachers. Below I share a few of my favorites. 

Please share your words of wisdom in the comments section.

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  1. It's easy to learn when you're having fun! Our brains "like" positive conditions to help build connections. The Powerpoint Jeopardy-style game I linked above has content specific to Canadian History, but the file can be updated with questions related to ANY topic... social studies or otherwise.

    Tammy @ Teaching FSL

  2. Wow! There are so many great quotes posted here! I especially like "The best teachers are the ones who care about me." Some children only receive that kind of attention when they are at school - so it is important for me to make sure my students know that I care about them.

    Thanks for joining my link up! Happy vacation to you! I am sure it is well deserved!


  3. I love your quotes! I was at a PD the other day and the speaker said we really need to design our assessments around the students learning, not the teaching. I think that is so key and I think that is what your quotes are speaking to. Our kiddos love to learn, we need to make our instruction more learning centered then 'teaching' centered :) Great job! Have a great summer!

    Momma with a Teaching Mission


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