Math Mondays: Books for Elementary Geometry

Long before I had started working with geometric concepts, my kids started reading the Sir Cumference series. It's a very clever set of picture books in which Sir Cumference and other characters solve mostly geometric-related challenges to solve a puzzle and by way of it prove the concept. For example, in Sir Cumference and The Dragon of Pi, Radius (Sir Cumference's son) discovers from staying a dragon, discovers that the relationship between all circles' circumference and their diameters is the same. Radius repeats the measurements multiple times essentially proving his theory. And all with an engaging story.

 In my math classes, I often just have the books available for students to explore. I am often impressed with how many students just pick them up for a little fun reading.  The Sir Cumference books are a great way to connect students who prefer to read to math concepts.  I  consider the Sir Cumference series an essential part of my math classroom.  You never know which child's interest will be sparked by a clever math story.

For additional math and literature ideas, you can read about the Murderous Math Series or the Beastly Math series.  

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  1. I have used this book in the past plus others in the series, and the older students really enjoy the math humor!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Scipi. I have to agree that this is really great with students of all ages.