You wouldn't want to miss out...

I love to use books across all content areas.  So, when I find a fun one, I like to share.  When we studied Marco Polo and the Silk Road, I found several good books which I kept lying around for students to examine.  You Wouldn't Want to Explore with Marco Polo! was among my students' favorites.

What my students (and I) like about the book:

  1. It's funny - the illustrations and text use humor effectively to share information about Marco Polo's journey on the Silk Road.
  2. It's fact-filled - even with the humor, there is a great deal of knowledge conveyed through the pages. 
  3. It's accessible - this is essentially a picture book with lots of text.  My students who are less comfortable reading or less likely to want to read are pulled into the illustrations and the short bursts of text that fill the book.
I also had on hand 
Among other resources.  Bringing in books adds one more way for students with different learning styles and interests to access content.  What do you do in your classroom to connect students with the content?



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