Social Sunday: Spring Fever

Spring Fever is here! And with that I have had just a few more absences.  How about you?

I like to do a lot of projects at this time, in part because they seem a bit easier to deal with when students are absent either physically or mentally.  When students are absent, it is on them to catch up on their project work.

Still, absences can be a massive time sink.  So, for Social Sunday this week, these are a couple of effective ways I have used or seen teachers use to manage absences:

  • Use a folder. Have a folder made at the beginning of the year for each student.  When a student is absent, put any materials you use that day in the folder.  When the student returns, you hand the student the folder along with any other notes you have.


  • Quick summary. Have a quick summary of the lessons you teach posted in the room: objective, resources, and assignments.  Print out any presentations, references to textbooks, and assignments.   

For more tips, you can download teacher timesavers: managing absences (FREE)  

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