Social Sundays: FREE Newspaper tool for your Social Studies Classroom

I'm always excited when I find a tool or trick that can make something we do better or easier. Recently, I found a cool (and more importantly FREE) website for creating the finishing touch for newspaper articles.

We like to do quick and easy newspapers in my social studies class.  I use the newspapers several ways.  Sometimes, the newspaper is an introduction to a unit - groups of students are given information, requirements and 90 minutes to meet their deadline.  We follow the newspaper creation with a discussion of themes and topics that are emerging on a unit.  Other times, the newspaper project serves as a fun collaborative assessment.  Students are given topics from the units and create a newspaper based on their knowledge from the unit.  And sometimes, they are ongoing projects built throughout a unit.  We just did a big newspaper project for the Progressive Era, which I will post about in the Fall.  But back to the website for newspapers...

Usually, when we create a newspaper, we simply use pencil and paper, because the newspaper is created start to finish in a 90 minute class period.  Occasionally, we use computers and print, but sometimes the students get so caught up in the formatting that the content learning gets watered down.
So, that's why I was excited about discovering, which I actually found one day in my Pinterest feed

What I like about

  • It's easy (literally cut and paste)
  • It's free 
  • No registration required
  • It's quick
  • The finished article adds a little authenticity to student articles.
You can also make clapboard images (as well as Ninja text and talking squirrels, but not sure how I would use those last two).  I don't use
all the time, but it is one more fun way for students to display their work. I'm thinking we might use the clapboard image at the beginning of a stop motion animation project. What do you think?

Social Sundays
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  1. Very neat! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Looks interesting. Just an fyi -- the site didn't open in Firefox on my computer but it did work in Safari and Chrome.

    1. Actually, if you have adblock on it won't open in any of them. I can't use it at all on my home computer :)

  3. This looks really neat, thanks for sharing!


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