Collective Math Awareness Month Sale: April 1st and 2nd (NO FOOLING)

Grab 5-20% savings on Math Awareness Month April from TPT Sellers. 
(Thank you to Route 22 for putting this together)

I'm offering 20% off in my store.  

Can you guess what number is is being displayed here?  I'll give you a hint; it's irrational.  Of all the math lessons I have in this sale,  Irrational and Rational Numbers is probably my students' favorite. The three activities in this lesson are a big hit with lots of different skill levels and ages.  The basic idea is to visually understand the difference between rational and irrational numbers.   I give the students three different activities to choose from - cityscapes, jewelry and chains.  The students have to make irrational and rational numbers in these visual formats.  It is great for differentiating and student choice.  By the end every student (and person who enters the classroom) can see the difference!

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