Modernizing the Protestant Reformation

I was watching Crash Course: Reformation as I was prepping my plan for teaching the Protestant Reformation, and the video made me think.  Really, when you think about Martin Luther with his 95 Theses was one of the original protestors.  Of course, there have been many since then Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and many countless people who have stood on the corner or marched down the street demanding change.  Demanding reform.

So, rather than just diving into Luther and the other reforms of the 1600s, this year I brought my students forward in time to think about those words "Protestant Reformation" as having their origins in the words "protest" and "reform."

The students were impassioned, excited, and diverse in their choices of issues to build campaigns for. Some are taking their campaigns beyond the classroom and out into the real world. Not only did it become a great lesson in social justice, but the students really understood the Protestant Reformation afterwards in a way that I haven't experienced when I previously taught this part of history.

Want to try this in your classroom?  The quick step-by-step for free is here or for a complete no-prep ready to teach lesson with all the slides and student handouts you can purchase it here.



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