Doing School

I recently read Doing School for the first time. I had heard of it. It's been put a while and Denise Pope is known around my parts for her push for the less stressed out child.

The book details a study Pope did, I suspect her dissertation, I'm a au area high school when follows different kids through their high school experience.  She finds that they are all stressed out and willing to do pretty much anything to get the grades. Spoiler alert, as the title suggests, the big conclusion thatope comes too is that these kids are going to school like you go to a Kobe, to work not to learn. The value of learning for learning sake has all but disappeared. The documentary race to nowhere echoes popes study.

The book conclusion wasn't news to me. I rally against the mindless fill your transcript for college raster than find your passions.  Still, it was a good read. The research is sound and pope is a decent story teller

My 2 cents: well-written story about the pressure on high school students.  A worthwhile read for parents, educators, policy makers, and students.



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