The Renaissance Arts

We've been studying the Renaissance in my class.  Of course, we have touched on Michelangelo and even spent a whole day with Leonardo Da Vinci, but we also have been looking at the development of the arts themselves, specific those of Venice, a rich city-state during this period.  

Easily one of the most engaging of the days we have spent on the Renaissance was discovering Venetian arts, specifically mosaics, mask making, and murano glass.  

The mosaics were quite complicated with the making of tiles (sculpey) and the planning as well as putting the actual mosaic together.  Students stretched themselves while still learning about the importance of mosaics in Venetian design of the period.  Of course, paper works just fine as well for mosaic making.

For mask making, I had several base choices for shapes and then we added embellishment.  Below are two of my favorites.  

Students were challenged to either represent themselves or make a mask for someone else (classmate, friend, parent, famous person...)

For murano glass, we were guided in different styles using molding clay.  Of course, ours aren't glass, but students still got the idea.  Next class they can arrange the murrines just as they still do in Venice today.

Want to do this yourself with your class?  Here's the how-to.



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